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Legend of the 20th anniversary of the set of heat has not yet faded, Nike and the legendary 5 put on a simple retro coat, released a new black / white color pass 5. This classic color design proves the trendy legend 5 in the legendary series of deep background decorate their own when they can be so beautiful.

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Nike in the redesign of the legendary series of specially converted the style, which is to make this shoe’s audience more expanded. If the style of change indicates what will happen in the future, we can still be very sure that the legendary heritage can be well preserved. For some people with black and white is the best color design, and on this classical style, the future color will be difficult to go beyond it.

And 20 anniversary of the limited set of legendary 5 different, the global professional arena will appear on this new color figure. The legendary series of several endorsement players, including Pique, Ashley Cole, Ramos and Tevez are expected to be in the next few weeks to wear this match of color shoes.

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Nike Motion Blur suit In addition to the beautiful version of the big field, a full set of small field boots also debut with a new look.

Nike Motion Blur suit large version of the football shoes with a white upper with color details to show the new suit features, but the Motion Blur small field suit did not take the same way, but more personalized color match. From the color point of view, MercurialX with a red, MagistaX used Nike favorite British crown yellow and wolf gray, HypervenomX selected photos blue splicing white, and finally the largest version of the big white with TiempoX.

The new Motion Blur FootballX suite is now available in full, in addition to the picture shows the TF at the end also has a suitable level of IC version. The final version of the Finale version will also be sold in the same color. Different colors, different series, different outsole, no matter what kind of small battle you, Motion Blur small field boots can meet your needs.

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Technically, Nike spent a total of 2 years to re-design the shape, increase comfort, enhance the overall performance, and finally create this pair of legendary 5. Its forefoot upper with kangaroo leather material, while Nike’s all-weather ACC technology can also be in a variety of environmental conditions to give shoes more excellent touch.

Nike to make the legend 5 more closely fit the foot type, in order to enhance the package foot feeling and enhance comfort. By reducing the number of composite layers of materials, Nike succeeded in making the feet closer to the site, in order to reduce the interference on the field. The new shoe design allows the foot only to be fixed, to reduce the foot in the shoe sliding and then improve efficiency.